Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!

Short and sweet.
Day 21 has a pair I'd like you to meet.
They make me laugh.
They are so fun.
They make me happy.
So as requested on day 21...

Bentley Bender and Gabbit the Beast!!

Yes, I know my poem was like provolone, but I had to do it.
Day 21 wanted a picture of something that makes me happy, and my basset boys certainly do!
I loves them!!


Dear Walmart shopper.

I suck at this daily blogging, I swear!

So Sunday night our internet went a little haywire, but I am back and will try to get caught up before the cold meds knock me out.

Day 20. Such a horrid Sunday it was. I am supposed to write a letter to someone. This will not sound pleasant so forgive me and my sins now. Please.

Dear future Syracuse Walmart shopper,

I sincerely would like to apologize now for all troubles I will be causing for you.

Sunday night, I had to make a Walmart run with my husband. He was having a dilemma introducing the waist of his pants to his shirt and kept asking me to push the cart. I was feeling quite miserable that day because I have been suffering from the seasonal cold as of late, not to mention I was quite aggravated from running out of my beloved "happy pills" (AKA Zoloft..Such a cute bouncing rock commercial they had..But I am getting off topic here.)


Thee husband of mine, bless his heart, kept taking the cart back from me only to suffer the gravitational forces a minute later. I got mildly frustrated from this back and forth business, so I refused to return the honor of pushing the cart. We had ourselves a mini couple fit right there in the aisle.

So to win the battle (which if you know me well enough, you know I ALWAYS have to win) I hacked my germy breath across the cart handle bar. It indeed did its purpose and he stayed away, but to you, future Syracuse Walmart shopper, I apologize. I do hope you see the anti bacterial wipes when you reach for your cart and use them, only because I will be filled with great guilt and sorrow to know I have contaminated your poor fingertips.

So I am deeply sorry.

Get better soon!

   Miss Megan Lee.