Thursday, December 18, 2014

Poems from the Chaos.

I've been dealing with personal attacks on my character lately from people who are supposed to be their for you. It always seems I write poetry when distraught so here's a sampling of my mind this week:

Blood is thicker than water,
Atleast as some may say.
So go ahead and fill the goblet up.
It measures out the same.

You only look one sided,
Hidden by the blinders in your mind.
You make up what you want to believe,
Not caring what it does to your kind.

The choice was yours to accept,
But to attack you choose instead.
You pushed blood out of the way,
And left their thoughts for dead.

So as you learn blood means nothing,
It's only the words you say,
You're destroying the honor of your name.
It measures out the same.