Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dear Walmart shopper.

I suck at this daily blogging, I swear!

So Sunday night our internet went a little haywire, but I am back and will try to get caught up before the cold meds knock me out.

Day 20. Such a horrid Sunday it was. I am supposed to write a letter to someone. This will not sound pleasant so forgive me and my sins now. Please.

Dear future Syracuse Walmart shopper,

I sincerely would like to apologize now for all troubles I will be causing for you.

Sunday night, I had to make a Walmart run with my husband. He was having a dilemma introducing the waist of his pants to his shirt and kept asking me to push the cart. I was feeling quite miserable that day because I have been suffering from the seasonal cold as of late, not to mention I was quite aggravated from running out of my beloved "happy pills" (AKA Zoloft..Such a cute bouncing rock commercial they had..But I am getting off topic here.)


Thee husband of mine, bless his heart, kept taking the cart back from me only to suffer the gravitational forces a minute later. I got mildly frustrated from this back and forth business, so I refused to return the honor of pushing the cart. We had ourselves a mini couple fit right there in the aisle.

So to win the battle (which if you know me well enough, you know I ALWAYS have to win) I hacked my germy breath across the cart handle bar. It indeed did its purpose and he stayed away, but to you, future Syracuse Walmart shopper, I apologize. I do hope you see the anti bacterial wipes when you reach for your cart and use them, only because I will be filled with great guilt and sorrow to know I have contaminated your poor fingertips.

So I am deeply sorry.

Get better soon!

   Miss Megan Lee.


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