Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poetic fluff.

Day 12 wanted me to write a poem for someone I love. It takes a lot more than being told to do something for the poetic magic of words falling into place. So I'll share the poem I wrote for my husband when we were dating and first started talking about our life together.


It’s all come full circle,
To the way it was meant to be.
I have found myself through you,
And it will always be you and me.

You were always on my mind
And deep inside my heart,
I knew we had something special
From the very start.

We started out as friends,
A very long time ago.
And now given a second chance to love,
We’ll never let it go.

I wouldn’t change a thing,
Or how our life has been.
Our choices have been our road.
And life has brought us together again.
                                                              --Megan Lee


Mini bucket list.

So day 11 has come and gone. If I could back date my blog I wouldn't feel like I have committed such an epic fail. Oops. What can I do, aye?

So the journey of blog challenging requests for me to provide you a bucket list of everything I want to do. If I were to tell you EVERYTHING, this would be a pretty long blog. So I'll just give you a sneak peek of what I have in store for my life. ;)

My first, and probably one of the most important to me, is to be sealed to my husband for time and all eternity. I get to play missionary and get him through the conversion process, which is always a delight. We certainly talk about our dreams of this and our happily "forever" after. Our hopes are to be sealed in the Rome Italy temple once it is complete. It's set for a few years away, which I feel gives thee husby time to truly convert and become more knowledgable in this covenant we want to make together. I want him to experience true conversion, not feel like he's rushing for me. It will also let us experience his family's Italian heritage which is incredibly important to him. I know it will happen and I am so excited for that day.

Here's a pic of what they have in hopes for the Rome temple.

Next on my list is that I would absolutely adore a baby girl. Yes, I will love a little boy just as much, but my heart is set on a mini me. (Oh no!)
I want to spoil her crazy and make her such a sophisticated girlie girl.
I'll give you a few pictures of this little dream of mine (all thanks to the delight of Pinterest, of course.)

(Husby & I morphed into an adorable wee one.)

And the last of my bucket list I'll give you, at least for today, is I would love to be able to own a home with my little family. I am in love with the older houses in the Avenues in Salt Lake City. They are so elegant and classic. And of course, Pinterest gives me ideas of house I would love to decorate this said home. I'll give you a few more pictures.

I have plenty more on my bucket list than just the cliche' usuals, but they are the most important ones to me.

Hope you had fun reading thee late bloggy.

P.S. Check out my Pinterest if you want to see more pics!!