Monday, October 31, 2011


Well I’m sure we can determine, I am a fan of change in the world of blogging.

I’ve been working on some blog changes, though I’m not done yet. I wanted to make this feel more like myself.

The new blog name is a bit of a funny story on how it came about and I’m sure will shock those who know me well.

The definition I found for vintage was “best of one kind”. I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, and would never want someone to feel that I felt that way. But when it came across in my mind, I am the best at being me. No one can duplicate who I am. I am Megan Lee and that’s exactly the way it should be.

Thee husby and I had been having some interesting “drama” with some individuals. Well one day someone went on attack mode and decided to call me a “Gingersnap”. First I was angry and went in to poetry writing mode. Then I was mildly flattered that everything that goes on in someone’s life and they took the time out to think of and mention me (ha ha!). Then the last thought was “I kinda like that for a nickname.” I’ve always valued my red hair and have always felt it helps make me who I am. And I have my own snappy personality.

Alas, came the blog name Vintage Gingersnap.

Nothing better than turning into a positive I must say.

As for my poetry ramblings, here is what came flowing through my mind:

Labeled outside the walls
Misunderstood in the month of fall
Filled with introversion
Shy through out the aversion

The continual attempts to straighten my smile
To cloud my eyes with tears for awhile
War wounds soon start to appear
Upon all parts of myself, their motives I fear

Yet deep inside the moments
I have made the choice my chosen
Only I can control my insides
And my outsides will smile and subside

I will frustrate them when it rolls off my back
Confuse them when what they say misses the attack
When I don’t shelter what they said in my mind
They’ll find themselves homeless from their words I left behind

This life is mine and mine alone
I won’t submit to be someone else’s clone
I love to be me: to feel free and elapse
Guilt free; I am a vintage gingersnap.

I still plan on making this a journaling, crafting, and random blog, so please stay tuned for all the new things to come.