Saturday, November 12, 2011

Poetic fluff.

Day 12 wanted me to write a poem for someone I love. It takes a lot more than being told to do something for the poetic magic of words falling into place. So I'll share the poem I wrote for my husband when we were dating and first started talking about our life together.


It’s all come full circle,
To the way it was meant to be.
I have found myself through you,
And it will always be you and me.

You were always on my mind
And deep inside my heart,
I knew we had something special
From the very start.

We started out as friends,
A very long time ago.
And now given a second chance to love,
We’ll never let it go.

I wouldn’t change a thing,
Or how our life has been.
Our choices have been our road.
And life has brought us together again.
                                                              --Megan Lee


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