Sunday, November 20, 2011

Scrumptious Sundays: Fruit Pizza

So as we have learned yesterday, I am sick. Ick!

That puts a damper on my Scrumptious Sundays series because I won't cook on the change that I fill my house with disease.

However, I shall not disappoint you.
I have pictures of other dishes I have made, and this one is very simple.

First you take some sugar cookie dough (store bought, unless you are trying to show me up, ha ha.) and roll it out into one large cookie on yer stoneware.

Of course, you'll need to bake it.

Then once it's cooled, spread some cream cheese frosting.

If you do it while hot, you'll have a runny mess.

Then cut up some of your favorite fruit and place it in an asthetically pleasing pattern upon your cookie.

Then *POOF!*
You have yourself a delicious fruit pizza!!


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